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Hello! It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to Kindly. A clay project that has bloomed from my hands, onwards, into the carefully crafted alcoves of your homes. The Kindly ethos is all about spreading kindness, with a deep conviction to not take from the earth without giving back. In every stage of production Kindly seeks to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.


This means avoiding unethically mined minerals, avoiding toxic materials and any glaze ingredients that are not considered food safe, working with a shared kiln, shipping with recycled packaging and paper products and eventually (God willing) seeking to offset the old carbon footprint by firing with wind or solar powered kilns.
The Kindly studio is now located at Canberra Potters Society in Watson. Currently the studio is not open to the public, however order pickups can be arranged by appointment to save on local postage.
Despite some of the environmental challenges pottery presents it's also a remarkably earth-friendly material ( it is earth! ) I encourage you to take your mugs and cups with you to your local cafes and keep spreading the gift that is clay!